Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Outstation with crew

19/10 (Saturday)
This is my 1st time proceed to Pulau Pangkor, Perak and the mission I been there for my shooting project.
Pulau Pangkor is a very beautyful island and it make me quite surprise because of Sarawak bird. 
There are many Sarawak bird flied over our head and it not scary about human~~

After that I follow my crew member marry go around at Pulau Pangkor.
(This is Pangkor map but we dunno use it~Xpp)
With this map, we search for great shooting venue for our video that make for Chinese Investigation Group. 

For our crew staying place, we follow those CIG stay in a same resort, Pangkor Island Beach Resort

Was it look nice??haha

Next day, we had an activities that we will went to sea for looking some special rock and another island.

After that we had a BBQ party on a small island.
It's very beauty in eyes~ 

After that we visit to some places like factory ikan bilis and some Pangkor nice view~

Some nice view in Pulau Pangkor.

On next day, I saw some monkey at balcony steal customer clothes, the view was interesting~~haha
After that we been proceed to Pulau Penang for another shooting progress.
After reach Penang 1st thing we bring CIG to visit our Penang Island~~

After dinner, I with my crew member had a shooting for Penang night life.
For next day, we and CIG proceed to house of P.Ramlee for an event that been prepared by Government of Pulau Penang.

After view the surrounding house of P.Ramlee, we had a lunch in Jabatan P.Ramlee with Malaysia cultural dance been provider to CIG.

At there I could ate cendol Penang mix with polished glutinous rice. Delicious!!!
We also visit Kek Lok Si that popular in Pulau Penang.

After that we proceed to Pinang Peranakan Mansion to had a look for Nyonya and BaBa heritage that been shown in Singapura movie 《小娘惹》.
After dinner, I with my crew going back to KL coz one of my crew had some important thing to be done on next day.


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